Incorporating top-of-the-line presentation technology greatly augments your students’ learning experiences. Architechnology Designs can revolutionize your campus learning environments with premium technology that enables students and professors to share information in a smarter way.

Learning Essentials Classroom | Wall Plate

Without requiring any other equipment or programming, Crestron’s wall plate enables professors to quickly and easily deliver presentations. Featuring both a Bluetooth connection and one wired connection, professors can easily connect their devices (including laptops, mobile devices, and computers in the room) during classes, without causing any disruptions. The simple control panel on the wall allows faculty to switch between devices with ease, and start presentations with the touch of a button.


Learning Essentials Classroom

Our team can elevate your classroom to the next level with an advanced, fully integrated presentation tool. Using either a wired or wireless bluetooth connection, professors can connect their devices to the screen to deliver presentations seamlessly. Your staff can use the wall-mounted touch panel to monitor the connected devices, and quickly start presentations.


Basic Single Display Classroom

The ideal presentation solution for professors that regularly display visual components for their classes, the basic single display classroom monitor will help your faculty to control these elements with ease. In addition to connecting with all wireless devices, the basic single display makes presenting simple. The confidence monitor displays the presentation to the professor, so that they can reference the information while still facing the class. To prevent errors, Crestron’s enterprise management system makes it simple for system administrators to troubleshoot.


Flexible Single Projection Classroom

Managing medium-large size classrooms can be challenging, but we can equip your classroom with visual and audio presentation tools that will maximize learning potential. This technology can cater to classes of all sizes, ranging from 30 to 300 students. Featuring 4K60 and UHD technology, Crestron’s screens will be vivid and clear, even for students seated at the back of the room. The small and intuitive touch screen monitor allows you to determine the source of the video feed. Our design and integration team can integrate this technology without requiring any additional power.


Flexible Dual Projection Classroom

As an upgrade to the flexible single projection classroom, the dual projection classroom solution features a second screen, meaning that professors can display more than one presentation or data chart simultaneously. Connecting devices via Bluetooth or a wire is simple, and this technology permits up to 9 sources.


Student Collaboration Workstation

Students collaborating on group projects or reviewing lecture materials deserve the same technology available in lecture halls– and we can build a custom student collaboration workstation that delivers that opportunity. The ideal solution for out-of-the-classroom learning spaces– such as the library, student cafe area, and other similar locations, this technology enables students to view presentation materials with ease.


Small to Medium Meeting Room | 4-12 People

The ideal solution for creating a universally accessible meeting room, the Crestron Mercury software allows large and small groups to convene without necessarily being in the same place. This robust hardware allows people to videoconference without compromising the level of comfort during the meeting. We can also drastically improve your meeting capabilities with top-of-the-line audio hardware.