Optimize Your Building’s Lighting With Intuitive, Accessible and Reliable Controls


Whether your organization owns one large building or several small buildings, having a simple, direct and reliable way to control your commercial lighting streamlines building management. Architechnology Design’s advanced lighting control solutions are custom-fitted for your building, enabling you to fulfill your individual needs with scalable state-of-the-art technology. With constant access to your fully integrated lighting control system, you can monitor, adjust, and fully control the lighting in your buildings.

Zūm Lighting Control Platform

Architechnology Designs can integrate these lighting automation devices with the existing Crestron technology in your office for complete automation. Crestron’s Zum lighting control platform takes care of your complex lighting needs with absolute ease. Requiring the installation of only a few key components, the Zum lighting platform is fully compatible with your existing lighting technology. As a completely wireless lighting control platform, anyone in your organization can easily adjust your lights from the touch of a keypad, dimmer, or the dynamic Zum app. Featuring daylight and occupancy sensors, Zum can easily detect when lit rooms are vacant, and respond by shutting off the lights to conserve energy. Gradually implementing scalable technology, Architechnology Designs can create more capabilities as your organization grows.

Zūm Lighting

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Leading workplace culture experts have spoken, and buildings that promote a healthy, circadian rhythm-driven lighting pattern create the optimal conditions for employee wellness, as well as maximum productivity. Architechnology Designs can help you to realize this futuristic vision. Crestron’s circadian rhythm technology ensures that your office’s lighting coincides with this biological clock, creating a natural flow for each day. In addition to the intensity of the light, this circadian rhythm-driven technology also strategically alters the color of the light, the timing of these changes, and the direction at which the light hits the eye. Architechnology Designs can help your employees to enjoy the benefits of the WELL Building Standard, while also preventing morning and afternoon sluggishness through dynamic Circadian rhythm technology.

Circadian Rhythm

Room-Specific Approach

Defining lighting needs by the building rather than the specific room is a common approach, but one that ultimately ignores the needs of your individual spaces. At Architechnology Designs, we understand the value of having each room equipped with the appropriate technology– nothing more or less. We will outfit your building with the technology that makes the most sense, and design the network for simple mobile or in-room use that anyone can adjust.