Build a Sleek, Modern Workplace

Elevate Your Company to the Next Level

Robust office automation technologies can boost productivity levels and streamline office communications for your company. Architechnology Designs can integrate these technologies into your office to simplify day-to-day operations. Depending on your organization’s needs, we’ll use state-of-the-art technologies to provide the unique solution that will elevate your communications to new horizons.

Elevate Communications

Fully Equipped Presentation Rooms

With Crestron’s advanced high-definition screens, seamlessly connected communication devices, and high-quality audio technology, your presentation rooms can become the optimal meeting setting. With a BlueTooth-compatible wireless tabletop presentation device, you can easily connect your devices to inform meeting participants, without any down-time. These devices also contain HDMI ports for wire-only presentation devices. Premium 4K/60 streaming will create a high-resolution display, allowing all meeting attendees to view high-quality presentations. To change the source of the video feed, anyone in the room can easily tap the source button on the tabletop video management device. The team at Architechnology Designs will outfit your conference room with the optimal technology so that you can focus on what matters.

Presentation Rooms

Seamless Video Conferencing

Distance shouldn’t be a limiting factor in optimizing your company’s day-to-day operations. Cutting-edge video conferencing technology will allow you and remote coworkers to engage in important discussions, whether they’re across the city or on another continent. This videoconferencing technology delivers a stable connection with no lag time. The state-of-the-art camera and robust audio technology will provide a crisp and clear image and sound, fostering an intimate atmosphere fit for collaboration. Architechnology Designs can seamlessly incorporate this technology in your existing conference room to enable the ideal remote collaboration atmosphere.

Video Conferencing

Build a Truly Productive Atmosphere

Gone are the days where presentations need to happen in the conference room. With technology strategically installed by Architechnology Designs, you can convert any space around your office–from the lounge area, to the lunch room, to the coffee station– into a presentation space. Using the fully integrated meeting scheduling software, you can also invite colleagues to meetings with ease, keeping everyone on the same page. Architechnology Designs can help you to share information at a moment’s notice!

Productive Atmosphere

High Tech Executive Offices and Board Rooms

When you’re discussing important information with talented people in your organization, every second counts. Architechnology Designs can integrate this all-encompassing audio-visual presentation system in your office, helping you to save the valuable time you spend locating the correct cables, and instead allocating it to conversations. This easy-to-use presentation tool allows presenters to easily connect devices, without wasting time. We can even help you cultivate the right atmosphere for large groups with electronically controlled shades, automatically adjusted temperature, and a dynamic AV system. Architechnology Designs can equip your office with this high-tech equipment for optimal capabilities.

High Tech Board Room

Unparalleled Full-Staff Meetings

The collaboration-focused Crestron large meeting hall audio visual and presentation technology eliminates the inconvenience of meeting in large groups. When you hold on-the-spot meetings with your entire team or office, these state-of-the-art screens will clearly display your information to all in attendance. The easily connected presentation tool enables anyone to pair a device with the screen and project presentations, graphs, data, or a video, or anything else. The advanced video conferencing technology allows you to seamlessly incorporate other offices, establishing an open and inviting feeling. Architechnology Designs can install this technology into your office to promote collaboration, without compromising the security of your office.

Staff Meetings

Optimized Training Equipment

You can simplify complex employee training seminars with streamlined presentation tools. We can help you to create a fully automated training room with easily adjustable shades to create the perfect environment, as well as fully controllable temperature, light, and more. Your company’s presenters can quickly and easily display their presentation materials on the presentation screen with Crestron’s seamless technology. Architechnology Designs will create a dynamic and fully controllable training room for your company.

Conference Spaces

Dedicated Scheduling Management Software

Crestron’s own Enterprise Management System (EMS) enables even the largest organizations to control the Crestron-connected devices in their network directly from a computer. This allows you to control lighting, adjust screen output, and more remotely– even from a different building. This will not only create simpler solutions early on, but also help you save on energy costs.

Screen Fusion