Build the Future with High-Tech Classroom Automation Technologies


In the modern educational landscape, fully integrated technology is at the forefront of a quality learning experience. Dynamic touch-screen displays will enable your faculty to deliver their lessons with the maximum capabilities. Your institution’s technical support staff can easily troubleshoot issues with simple, remote problem solving. Architechnology Designs can seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge equipment in your school, and revolutionize the classroom experience for your students.

Fully Integrated Classrooms

Utilizing BlueTooth connection technology, the presentation platform can instantly connect your professors’ computers to the screen, allowing for instant presentations. For faculty that must use a wire to connect their computers, Crestron’s presentation tool has one wire, eliminating the confusing process of finding the correct one. This keeps setup time short, and students engaged. These presentations will be displayed on the vivid and clear screens, with zero latency and 4K/60 video. With top-of-the-line recording technology, absent students and those who simply want to review the material can easily watch it at a later date. Students gathering to collaborate outside of class can use these screens to review material as well. Architechnology Designs can outfit your classroom with these presentation tools– without updating your other technology.

Integrated Classrooms

Smart Lecture Halls

Unique and all-encompassing learning technology will automatically set the stage for a positive learning experience before students even enter the room. The simple room-scheduling technology ensures that an auditorium is never double-booked, and displays the name of the lecture to passersby on a touch-screen display. The lighting dynamically brightens to allow for full visibility, while also drawing the shades to prevent glares. With the potential to integrate HVAC technology, this system can also increase or decrease the temperature to provide a comfortable setting. Using the intuitive buttons on the podium, presenters can easily connect their devices to begin the presentation. The integration team at Architechnology Designs can utilize this technology to create a seamless educational environment.

Smart Lecture Hall

Quality Learning in Any Setting

Learning doesn’t have to take place in a classroom– and with fully integrated learning technology, we can help your school deliver the same high-tech experience in any space. Installing the same presentation technology in a dormitory, dining hall or student lounge will enable your students to view previous recorded lectures with ease, and even use the presentation screens to share new information. These screens can also be a simple way to disseminate information about upcoming events. Architechnology Designs can elevate your campus’s buildings to the next level with cutting-edge technologies that reinvent the student learning experience.

Learning Technology

State-of-the-Art Technology

Presentation Systems

Advanced technology makes presenting simple with intuitive input selection, and connection via BlueTooth or one cable.


4K video feeds make streaming an easy and pleasant experience for everyone.


Videoconferencing with large groups is simpler than ever with Crestron’s robust system.

Enterprise Management System

System administrators can easily monitor and control video screens with Crestron’s Enterprise Management System. This intuitive platform allows you to control lighting, screen content, and solve any technical problems.


Top-of-the-line speakers and audio technology allow your audience to hear everything in complete detail. Crestron’s software also enables system administrators to monitor audio output.

Scheduling Software

Keep events organized with Crestron’s touch-screen meeting or lecture scheduling technology. Located directly outside of the respective room, your campus community can quickly and easily find an available room.

Distance Learning Capabilities

Online classes are increasingly becoming a stronger solution to the issue of distance learning– and Architechnology Designs can help your college to build a stronger relationship with distant learners through Crestron’s technology. Recording lectures with state-of-the-art cameras enables remote students to view these presentations at any time of their choice. Videoconferencing technologies allow faculty to correspond with students with ease, regardless of the distance.

Distance Learning

Enterprise Management System (ECS)

Crestron’s Enterprise Management System gives your staff full control over the technologies at your disposal. This reliable system ensures that no technology is improperly or overused, and also fully operational, at all times. With your staff’s convenience in mind, the ECS keeps your healthy learning environment intact.

Screen Fusion