Integrate Secure and Convenient Technology for Streamlined Operations


Architechnology Designs’ government office automation does more than bring state-of-the-art functionality to the table– it’s created with the security of your sensitive information in mind. This top-of-the-line, JITC-certified technology will enable your office to videoconference, present, and control lighting through a centralized monitoring and management systems. You can monitor energy usage, troubleshoot issues remotely, and control all of your interconnected technology from one platform– all without compromising on safety. Architechnology Designs can bring your government office’s workflow to the next level, with a strong focus on keeping information, video feeds, reporting and any other digital collateral secure.

Superior Command Center Technologies

When it comes to Command and Operations Centers, every moment counts. You need a way to seamlessly stream uncompressed 4k/60 video to any or all of the displays, updating decision makers in real time. Reliable and interactive technologies deliver an outstanding visual experience, with a touch screen interface operating as a source selection menu. The high-quality audio will keep all individuals apprised with the potential to install speakers throughout your entire building. Dynamic lighting and temperature control systems will prepare your office for any meeting by automatically drawing the shades and adjusting the temperature. You can control all of these settings through the Operations Center. With a commitment to streamlined workflow, Architechnology Designs can integrate these technologies in your office.

Command Center

Dynamic Smart Conference Rooms

Whether you’re in a small meeting with trusted colleagues or an interdepartmental briefing, you need a room that is equipped for the occasion. Crestron’s dynamic and interactive presentation technologies will remove the pressure of preparation by being constantly prepared for any device. This cutting-edge presentation system allows anyone to seamlessly connect their devices through Bluetooth technology, or using a single wire. You can easily select the source of the video feed with a touch-screen interface, and change the input at any moment. Featuring 4K video and top-of-the-line audio, Crestron’s technology will keep everyone present engaged. With the Crestron wire management system, everyone in attendance can easily plug in their devices without tangling cords. Architechnology Designs can enhance rooms of any size with this scalable technology.

Smart Conference Rooms

High-Tech Briefing Rooms

Crestron’s dynamic technologies make briefings as simple as possible, minimizing your setup time and maximizing your ability to disseminate information quickly and seamlessly. After your presentation device has been connected via Bluetooth or a hardwired connection, you can begin your meeting by pressing the one-touch button. With the state-of-the-art, low-bandwidth videoconferencing tools, you can connect with remote meeting participants without sacrificing security or downtime. You can monitor your energy use with daylight harvesting and room occupancy sensors, ensuring that technology is never in use without people present. Architechnology Designs can help you to build briefing rooms that allow you to inform and react.

Briefing Room

Secure Technology That Will Streamline Your Communications

Presentation Systems

With advanced presentation technology, all you need to do is select the source on the user-friendly management panel. You and anyone else present can easily connect any device via Bluetooth or one cable.


Featuring high-resolution 4K video, Crestron’s easy-to-use control interface can deliver any video with absolute simplicity and ease.

Videoconferencing Systems

Keep all members of your organization regardless of the distance with a scalable videoconferencing system. We can equip your meeting space with a customized solution.

Enterprise Management System

Monitoring technology use is simple with the Crestron Enterprise Management System. You can troubleshoot ineffective systems, turn off lights and audio equipment in unused rooms, and more.


Top-of-the-line audio technology will revolutionize your meeting experience. You can easily control the audio source, volume, and any other settings through the central control platform.

Room Scheduling Touch Screens

Touch screen room-scheduling technology will enable your staff to effortlessly schedule meetings, without the potential for overlap.

Centralized Management & Control

At Architechnology Designs, we understand the value of keeping your private information off the radar. Built with security and reliability in mind, Crestron’s Enterprise Management System (EMS) enables organization leaders to track room usage and easily turn off lights, adjust the temperature, and more. Quickly address the issue of defective technology through remote troubleshooting in another room or building. To ensure that your network maintains absolute safety and your information is secure, we can install on-site EMS servers, which allow you to be the gatekeeper for all operating systems and programming on your organization’s technologies. Crestron offers 24/7 support, as well as training for system administrators.

Screen Fusion