Impress Your Guests with Vacation-Defining Technology


Smart Hotel Technology That Redefines Their Expectations

Incorporating Crestron’s advanced, top-of-the-line technology will reinvent your hotel rooms. You can incorporate beautiful architectural lighting, dynamic motorized shades, and temperature control systems to allow guests to find their own level of comfort. Provide your guests with state-of-the-art high-definition video and audio technologies and allow them to experience any media with unbeatable quality. Guests can adjust any of these options from the comfort of their rooms with easy-to-use interface control panels. You can liven the lobby with a unique atmosphere driven by engaging light shows and live music. The team at Architechnology Designs can integrate this automation technology and elevate your hospitality potential to the next level.

Smart Hotel Technology

Service-Driven Technology

Crestron’s dynamic home automation technology prepares your guests’ rooms so that your staff doesn’t have to. Before your guests even set foot in your hotel, you can prepare their rooms by adjusting the shades, setting the temperature, and putting on a welcoming light show, with inviting music to tie everything together. After they’ve arrived, you can show your guests how to adjust these settings independently using the in-room touch panel. They can browse events, the menu, and anything else your hotel might offer from the central control panel.

Service Driven Technology

Bring Your Rooms to the Next Level

Smart technology can help you to promptly and accurately address all of your guests’ needs. Digital Do Not Disturb signage, touch-screen service requests, and hotel staff video-conferencing technologies will enable your guests to take care of everything they need to do, without ever leaving their rooms. Our team can enable your guests to instantaneously adjust the lighting, temperature, shades, and more with an intuitive touch-screen interface, all from the comfort of their beds. With high-resolution video and audio technology, your guests can seamlessly transition into a home theater-like movie viewing experience. Architechnology Designs can help you deliver a memorable experience for your guests by integrating this technology with your existing room layouts.

Smart Guest Technology

Dynamic Conference Rooms

Fully automated conference room technology will elevate your hotel’s meeting potential to the next level, with solutions that run the gamut from small groups to full-company meetings. Give your guests the simple, one-step setup process they need with Crestron’s presentation platform. Your guests will be able to easily connect presentation devices via Bluetooth or a single-wire connection, and begin their presentation instantly. With an intuitive presentation control device, you can easily select which device to present from. Deliver a high-quality video experience with 4K video streaming. Occupancy sensors and room-scheduling technologies enable your staff to automatically turn off audio, video, and lighting equipment, conserving energy. Any member of your organization can remotely troubleshoot technology experiencing issues.

Dynamic Conference Rooms

Impressive Technology for a Memorable Experience


With advanced audio and high-definition speakers, you can give your guests the sound they deserve– in luxury suites, conference rooms, banquet halls, and more. With a centralized management platform, you can easily select the source and location of the music.


Using an intuitive touch-screen interface, you can easily control the source and destination of the screens throughout your hotel. 4K video screens will keep your guests captivated.

Lighting Systems

Without altering your hotel’s current lighting configuration or equipment, we can install reliable and dynamic lighting systems, which will automatically adjust throughout the day or night.

Touch Screens

Give your guests the ability to request assistance and adjust their room in the simplest way possible. With touch screen displays, your guests will be able to select video options, communicate with the front desk, and manage the rest of your integrated technology. Depending on your hotel’s needs, we can utilize a host of touch screen control interface options.


Dynamic shade technology enables your guests to gain privacy and effortlessly adjust the level of natural light, without compromising the decor of the room.

Presentation Systems

Guests staying in your hotel on business can connect their presentation device to your high-resolution screens with absolute ease. We’ll configure a presentation system that utilizes either a single cable or Bluetooth connection system to minimize set-up time.


Our advanced and easy-to-use temperature control system will allow your guests to choose the setting that is comfortable for them, with fully automated scheduling potential.

Enterprise Management System

Crestron’s Enterprise Management System allows hotel administrators to seamlessly control all of the integrated technologies in their hotel– including audio, video, temperature, shading, and other systems. You can also remotely troubleshoot technology with issues.

Event Room Screens

Architechnology Designs can revolutionize your event-hosting capabilities by integrating state-of-the-art audio, video recording, video streaming and temperature control systems. Deliver a loud, crisp and clear sound with high-resolution sound and speakers. With a fully integrated audio input and output feature, you can select different music for each area in your space, or play the same song for everyone. Depending on the audience of the event, you can choose to either create an audio gradient, which increases the volume as people approach, or keep the volume consistent throughout the room. Display a video or the baseball game on one of the 4K video streaming screens throughout your event space. With strategically placed cameras, you can even live stream a feed of the event within the space. Architechnology Designs can help you to impress guests by facilitating an unforgettable experience.

Event Room Screens

Centralized Management & Control

Gone are the days where your hotel staff spends hours traveling through the facility to ensure that each room’s conditions are perfect for guests, or to address broken technology. With Crestron’s Enterprise Management System, your hotel staff can manage this fully integrated technology from the front desk or from their smartphones, while in the comfort of their own homes. Before resources such as light bulbs are fully depleted, Crestron’s advanced monitoring system will alert staff. With a fully customized EMS suited to your hotel’s needs, you will have access to cost-saving energy consumption reports, training for specialized staff, and 24/7 support. Architechnology Designs can integrate this system within your hotel, giving your staff more time and opportunity to support guests.

Screen Fusion