Captivate Viewers With an Impressive and Clear Display


Video Wall Screens for Your Office, Board Room, or any Corporate Setting

The time to bring your office to the next level is now. Integrating dynamic and interconnected video wall displays in your office will deliver an outstanding visual experience for internal meetings and new sales alike. With fully customized solutions, Architechnology Designs can revolutionize your unique office space

Dynamic, Fluid Display

With a video wall display, you can partition one large static image or video feed into several interconnected monitors. Architechnology Designs can help you to deliver high-tech, engaging visual experiences with premium screens.

Dynamic Fluid Display

Multipurpose Screens

With a fully integrated video wall, the opportunities are endless. You can display a visually appealing menu or vast landscape, deliver state-of-the-art video, or inform customers with digital signage.

4K LCD and LED Displays

Video walls never compromise the quality of your video feed. With 4K video capabilities, your customers can enjoy high-quality video. You can select from either LCD or LED displays, depending on your technological needs.

4K LCD LED Displays

Portable Video Walls

Don’t leave behind your potential to showcase your product in the best way possible when you go to a trade show. With portable video walls, you can bring along this robust technology to impress potential customers on the road. Suitable for any office, board room, or other free-form travel setting, portable video walls can drastically improve your presentations.

Customized Solutions for Each Space

No two office spaces are identical, and no two companies have identical video-rendering needs. Architechnology Designs can equip your office with the equipment that you need to maximize your brand’s storytelling and display your video feed with optimal results. We can coordinate a custom screen arrangement, select the best equipment, and help your space to realize its full potential.

Portable Video Wall

Top-of-the-line Integration

State-of-the-art technology is useless without an experienced team to handle the complex installation process. Our expert integrators will install this technology to maximize its performance for your office.

Manage Screen Content Through Any Connected Device

Depending on the unique situation, your video wall may need to display content from a range of devices. Architechnology Designs can help you fulfill those needs through managing displayed content via a dedicated device, or a smartphone, bluetooth-connected laptop, or another custom solution.

Screen Fusion