When it comes to your office, communicating with coworkers, clients, and others shouldn’t be a chore. Architechnology Designs can outfit your office space with premium, top-of-the-line technology to streamline your communications, and improve your day-to-day business.

AirMedia Open Presentation Space

Rather than relocating to the conference room, Architechnology Designs can enable your office to conduct meetings in relaxing spaces around the office. Utilizing the existing wi-fi network, we can equip your office space with AirMedia, a wireless presentation gateway that features enterprise management and deployment capabilities. Allow your employees to enjoy the luxuries of communing in a relaxing space, while also engaging in productive conversations.


AirMedia Open Presentation Space

Comfortable collaborative meeting spaces can give rise to the best ideas for improving your business. With the AM-200 AirMedia Presentation System, we can convert your lobby, office lounge or other space to double as a productive meeting space. This advanced presentation tool features a custom-branded welcome screen, and is compatible with wired or wireless presentation devices.


AirMedia Large Open Presentation Space

Suitable for larger open meeting and congregating spaces such as halls and even open-floor office spaces, the AM-300 AirMedia Presentation System brings collaboration to a new level. You can conveniently gather your large office staff without any new equipment to deliver information about new business or to discuss options for new challenges. Supporting both wired and wireless presentations, guests can freely connect their personal devices to upload presentations. This display screen also has an HDMI port, making for easy access.


Small to Medium Meeting Room (4-12 People)

The Crestron Mercury tabletop device brings your dedicated conference space to an entirely new level with a range of communication capabilities. Featuring all of the tools you need to video conference, call, and present, this device allows you to seamlessly transition from one objective to the next during your meetings, without obligating you to use only one proprietary platform. Architechnology Designs can optimize your meeting space’s potential with top-of-the-line audio technology, as well as the optimal cloud provisioning software– making managing multiple devices in scattered locations a breeze.

Meeting room technology

Large Meeting Room (12+ People)

The ideal presentation tool for any large office conference space, the Crestron Mercury presentation device will redefine your presentation capabilities. Bringing the optimal call, presentation and video conference tools to the table, this tabletop device will not only help you to accomplish these goals, but also enjoy a seamless transition between these functions. Featuring premium audio and seamless cloud provisioning technology, you can enjoy the benefits of excellent performance, while also managing devices remotely.


Presentation Conference Room

Architechnology Designs can bring your large organization’s meeting options to a new level with state of the art organizational and video presentation/conferencing technology. The dual-display screens allow for clear and easy visibility. Using a touch-screen calendar-synchronized scheduling system, employees can quickly and easily book meeting spaces independently. Regardless of the size of your organization, this dynamic and intuitive system will streamline your company’s operations.

Conference room technology