Automated Shading & Wellness Systems

Shading and wellness systems tailored to your space.

Automated Shading, New York

Take Control of Your Environment

At Architech Designs we engineer, supply, and install shading automation, daylighting systems, and environmental wellness solutions. Our design teams use industry-leading technology to create custom systems that are easy to use, beautiful, and reliable. With aesthetics and materials for any décor, we have options for every environment.

Our shades enhance the aesthetics of your space, make your daily routine smoother, and reduce energy consumption. Our wellness systems refresh your life with clean air and water. Our specialized team of Shading and Wellness Designers works hand in hand with your team to create a custom design plan for your space.

Feel Good in Any Space

Imagine if your shades could automatically rise with the morning sun, or if the touch of a button could lower them for a thirty minute afternoon nap. What if you could automatically lower blackout shades in your entertainment room at the start of each movie?

Shading automation systems from Architech Designs give you control over your environment.

Control the flow of light into a room, gain instant privacy, and naturally regulate heat with our wide array of window treatment and automation offerings. We work with your designers or architects to bring a comprehensive system of beautiful shading to any project.

In developing a whole-home system, window treatments work in conjunction with wellness systems to create your ideal environment. Our Engineers work with only the most robust air and water purification systems from Intellipure and Bluewater, along with whole-house aromatics to engineer the perfect space. Our wellness systems in residential and commercial properties put your environment in your hands.

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